icons and wallpaper

Here are some creations of mine.


Click for full size.


Now available in 640x960 for the Retina Display.


This is a photo I took of Manhattan from an Amtrak train while heading up to another summer stock season. Photoshop work also done on the train. 1600x1200

Adium Icon

Mac user? Do you IM a lot? If you haven't tried Adium, you really should. It's an IM client that covers pretty much every IM-type service known to man, and it's very flexible and customizable with hundreds (thousands?) of themes, icons, and sound effects. And it's free.

Once upon a time I was a really big Adium user. These days I mostly just stick to iChat because I don't really IM that much, and I use iChat to video chat with my parents, which Adium does not support. However, back in the day, I took the time to design a custom dock icon for Adium. A lot of people have made icons that dress up the Adium mascot (he is a duck named Adiumy) in the uniform of their favorite team, or for a certain profession. So I decided to make him a stage manager, and use a cue light that changes colors to indicate status changes. Yes, I know that's physically impossible (or at least improbable), but there really isn't room in 128 pixels for a whole row of cue lights. So if you do use Adium, you can see and download my dock icon here.