Best Excuses for Lateness or Missing Rehearsal

A list of unique and ridiculous reasons actors have given for their absence. You can decide for yourself which ones you believe.

Chronically late ensemble member, on the 4th of July:
"There is a parade route blocking my neighboorhood in and the roads dont open until 11..."

Soap Star:
"I had an autograph session but it got out of hand and the police had to be called to escort me out of the building."

She said she almost took a picture to prove it:
"A family of turtles was crossing the road on Route 2."

SIX DAYS in advance:
"Sorry to tell you this so late but I won't be able to come to tech on Saturday. I have a family member's wedding that day."

One morning in November:
"I'm waiting in line to vote for Obama."

Best MTA-blaming text message:
"The N train has forsaken me. Will b 15mins late."

From the vet:
"There was a slight complication with Magnum's neutering..."

Callboard Apology: