iPhone app name quiz

Each question will present you with the name of an iPhone app, and four possible descriptions of the function of that app. See how many you can guess correctly! And see how many developers give their apps names that tell you nothing about what it's for!

1. Flogger
a) S&M club locator
b) pilot's logbook
c) Frogger clone
d) fart app

2. G-spot
a) GPS tracking
b) digital kama sutra
c) parking finder
d) fart app

3. Seismic
a) social network
b) physics game
c) earthquake info
d) fart app

4. AutoTrafego
a) view traffic webcams
b) turn-by-turn navigation
c) traffic management game
d) fart app

5. Bump
a) contact sharing app
b) puzzle game
c) racing game
d) fart app

6. Dogbook
a) database of dog breeds
b) kids' reading game
c) Facebook for dogs
d) fart app

7. Fling
a) puzzle game
b) Flickr upload client
c) social network
d) fart app

8. Matches
a) online dating network
b) memory matching game
c) realistic fire simulator
d) fart app

9. Discover
a) astronomy app
b) file manager
c) wifi finder
d) fart app

10. Easy Fart
a) platform game
b) sound recorder
c) jokes app
d) fart app