October 24, 2010

Getting Real

I call this: On the Road Again,theatre — Posted by KP @ 10:52 am

We are totally leaving tomorrow.

We are totally loading out tonight.

These slow realizations have been dawning on all of us, I think pretty much starting with the point that we ended our final rehearsal on Friday afternoon.

Friday night was our first performance, and in the Acting Company tradition, before the show the traveling company was presented with gift bags of swag that serve to make life on the road easier while promoting the company.

This year’s bag included:

  • very classy tote bag, the same one we got last year, which is good, because the new people have been eyeing the ones used by returning company members enviously for the past month
  • red metallic bottle opener — much nicer than the black plastic ones we gave out as local crew swag two years ago
  • Acting Company hat
  • pen, which is also what we’re giving the local crews this year.
  • pack of Romeo and Juliet postcards
  • two Acting Company luggage tags which make it very easy to spot friendly bags coming off the baggage carousel

Meaghan posed with our spoils of tour:

What the gift bag means to me is that we are very, very close to leaving. For the most part, the gift bag represents packing — the tote bag ends up being used as a carry-on by most people, and the luggage tags of course only serve one purpose. Once we’ve got the gift bags it’s time to get serious about preparing to leave town.

I’ve been sick most of the week with this respiratory thing that’s been sweeping through the company. As of yesterday there’s just some gunk left in my lungs but I don’t feel sick anymore. But instead of using my time outside of tech to pack, do laundry, clean my apartment, or do anything productive, I slept. Today I finally got up early to do laundry. I called the car service. I’m blogging. So that’s a start. My suitcase has been largely packed since I got home in late August, but of course things have been going in and out as needed.

We have a matinee today, and then load out at night. The first load out is always a big mystery. As of last night the plan was to basically keep the truck pack from last year, with a few alterations. Olivia, Daniel and I have been brainstorming about it all week. We don’t think the previous truck pack is necessarily the most efficient way of dealing with things this year, but we don’t want to waste too much time making mistakes. We also don’t have a dock here, and the truck will probably be parked around the corner from the door to the theatre. Which reminds me, I’m totally wearing the wrong shoes.

Well I must go prepare to get my laundry and rush off to work!