September 9, 2012

Opening Wishes

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Tonight was (or is, I guess, it’s 9:03 there) the opening of Silence! in LA, which production I am very grateful for, as it’s the whole reason there was a job opening for me in New York.

Many of the people I’ve met in my short time on the show are working on that production, and all of us at Silence! New York are very excited to hear that the show is wowing audiences in LA.

For the past week, we’ve been asked to prepare an opening night gift for our LA colleagues: to shoot a congratulatory video backstage, and to take individual photos holding up a sign expressing our best wishes.

I helped out with taking a lot of the photos, and shot and edited the video. Today the Silence! LA Facebook page presented a compilation of our photos and video to the LA cast, as seen here:

The people I work with are crazy, in the best possible way.