February 3, 2010


I call this: On the Road Again — Posted by KP @ 12:55 am

I’m about to go to bed for the night. It’s just before midnight and I’ve spent most of the day since load out ended socializing with the crew. This was our first free time together as a group.

We all went out to a local pub here in Fargo for dinner, and then spent hours in the front lounge of the bus getting to know each other. People came and went here and there, but for a long time it really was all seven of us.

Finally one by one people have turned in for the night. A lot of people took naps in the afternoon. I laid down in my bunk with my computer, under the covers and with the lights out, but I was blogging and just web browsing the whole time. Now I’m tired and ready to go to sleep to the soothing sounds and steady pulsing of the generator.

Bart has declared a 2AM departure time, but I think all of us will be asleep by the time he wakes up and comes on board. We have an 8AM load in in Grand Rapids, MN, and a show at 7:30PM, so it will be a long and busy day. What I do know, or what I’ve heard, is that the theatre is in a high school, and it will be our first venue without a loading dock. It will be a little scary to figure out how hard it is to get our set and boxes down the ramp.