February 11, 2010


I call this: On the Road Again,theatre — Posted by KP @ 10:07 pm

Last year towards the end of the tour, our truck driver, Scotty D., got a puppy. His name is Bam-Bam.

This was Bam-Bam last year, when his favorite hiding place was on top of the pedals of the truck.

This year he is a lot older and bigger, and has a new attitude: he is the guard dog of the truck. He does a very good job, although he sometimes takes his job a little too seriously, even when friendly people like us go near the truck.

At a recent load out, I saw him sticking his head out the window, so I took a walk down to the cab to say hello. Even with Scotty there talking to me, he wouldn’t stop barking, apparently declaring that this was his truck, and who the hell did I think I was to stand outside of it?

Scotty says that if you pick him up and hold him he’s still very cuddly, but I couldn’t reach up that high to pet him or pick him up, and I was supposed to be working, so I had to settle for taking a picture of him while he barked at me imperiously from his perch.

How Many Technicians Does it Take…?

I call this: On the Road Again,theatre — Posted by KP @ 9:52 pm

Apparently the answer is four: one to hold the sconce to the wall, one to hold the head of each bolt in place, and Bobby is unseen behind the wall tightening the nuts.

Installing practicals during load-in in New London, CT.