March 3, 2010

Stage Management Scripts

I call this: theatre — Posted by KP @ 9:42 pm

I’d like to call your attention to a new page on the site, called Scripts. It can be found under the Tools / Templates pages, although I hope to restructure those pages yet again when I’ve got some more templates, which is one of the things on my short list to do now that I’ve resigned from my position of nerdly responsibility in the MMO I play.

Right now there is a very, very small section on blocking scripts (which only exists at all because I think it’s tacky to have it just say “coming soon” so I threw a little bone in the form of one somewhat blurry picture of a recent page of blocking).

Mostly I have added some info about calling scripts, which I plan to build on later. What I do think is cool so far is that since my current show (Romeo and Juliet) is in the public domain, you can download my entire calling script as a .doc file and .pdf, so you can see how it’s formatted and play with it. And if you’re really, really crazy, you can come see the show and follow along!