September 14, 2010

HeadsetChatter Live!

I call this: On the Road Again,theatre — Posted by KP @ 6:08 pm

Over the summer, I wrote an extensive post about my day giving master classes at Reagle’s summer theatre camp.

As I said in that post, after I got home from the master classes I started thinking about the upcoming Acting Company tour, and how I could better do my part in its educational mission. Nick and I always had a saying, “It’s the Acting Company, not the Stage Management Company!” and understood that naturally the workshops, talkbacks and other educational programs focus heavily on performance-related topics. If a school requested a talkback or seminar on technical or theatre management matters, or to have a student shadow us, we were happy to provide it, but they were very rare.

So this year I approached the education department over the summer to plant the idea that whenever I had the time I would be willing to offer educational opportunities for technical theatre students, and that they should feel free to present this option alongside the other workshops offered for actors.

Now that things are really getting rolling for the tour, those kind of arrangements are starting to fall into place. I was in the office today for a meeting, and was told that there’s already one school early in the first leg of the tour that’s interested in doing something.

This program has been humorously coined “HeadsetChatter Live!” Unfortunately we’re forbidden from mentioning websites in our bios, but I will be happy to take the live version to the populace!

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