July 7, 2011


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Well after many days of trying to activate my invitation, I have made it into the unfortunately-exclusive Google+ club! I currently have 9 friends, which is actually more than I expected to be able to scrape together. I had had an invite for 5 days, had been constantly clicking on the “Join Google+” button, and hadn’t been able to get in. I was starting to get really frustrated. I kept the sign-in page on my desktop most of the time, clicking on it at random. Finally last night it seems the floodgates opened for a few hours, as I was able to get on, and sent out a few invitations, which also worked right away. So, keep trying, I guess.

People say, “What’s Google+ and how is it different than Facebook?”
The way I see it, that can best be described by this comic from xkcd:

It’s like Facebook but without the Facebook. So, great for people who like Facebook’s features, but hate Facebook as a company. It also has a neat feature called “circles” which allows you to very easily share things with different groups of your friends, such as only your good friends, only your coworkers, everybody but your parents, etc. It should solve a lot of the problems with having sprawling lists of Facebook friends that you might not want to share everything you post with.

I’m excited to see how it shapes up once you can actually get most of your friends on it.

If you’re a member and want to add me, look me up — Karen Parlato.

Now I have to figure out how to get one of those +1’s on my blog posts.

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