April 2, 2007

GTA IV Update

I call this: gaming — Posted by KP @ 3:37 pm

So I went to Gamestop today (the 8th St. & Broadway location) and reserved my copy of GTA IV for the PS3. I was very excited to be presented with a sticker in return. I remember when San Andreas came out they gave out a giant sticker to people who preordered, but gave it out with the game, which is a nice surprise, but kind of upstaged by having the game itself in your hands. This way is much better, I think. Unfortunately I don’t really have a good place to put it, so for now it’s just lightly stuck to my computer.

The minimum deposit for the game is $5, which is what I paid, considering I don’t even own a PS3 and am not 100% sure that that’s the platform I’ll be going with. Not to mention that I really have no idea where I’ll be working in October. I could be touring Europe for all I know.

One thing that sucks about the way Gamestop does reservations is that you have to be there in person. Last year I wanted to pre-order the DS Lite, but I was going to be working in Massachusetts for the summer, and it was being released about a week after I arrived. I asked my local Gamestop if I could pay them and have the game held at the Gamestop up there. Nope. I called the Gamestop up there and explained the situation, and asked if I could reserve over the phone and pay by credit card. Nope. So when I finally arrived, I picked up my rental car and immediately tore down to Burlington to make my reservation in person. I got the second-to-last one. I don’t really see what the problem would be with allowing someone to make a reservation with whatever store they’re going to be near on release day.