May 31, 2009

On the Move Again

I call this: summer stock,theatre — Posted by KP @ 9:22 am

Well that was a nice little unpaid vacation. Just as I was about to forget why I have so much free time, and why I couldn’t pay off my whole credit card bill last night, it’s time to hit the road (or in this case, the rails) once more.

I think everyone on this train had the same idea I did — pay for business class and it won’t be crowded! Well that failed. It’s 9AM on a Sunday, I have no idea why this car is so packed. I do this every year and there are usually like 7 people in the whole car. Of course I sometimes take the ungodly early train at like 7AM. Since there is only one business class car, and a whole bunch of coach cars, I have my suspicions that I could have gotten a better seat in coach.

If I haven’t mentioned it, this summer at the Reagle Players brings us a full season of Jerry Herman: Hello, Dolly!, Mame, and La Cage aux Folles. Despite my furor that they still haven’t done South Pacific in the last 20 years, I am determined to enjoy myself.