July 7, 2010

Company Video – Shipoopi

I call this: summer stock,theatre — Posted by KP @ 10:09 pm

It seems like these days every show needs its own company YouTube video. By this I mean, like every company has its inside joke, its catchphrase, and so forth, it seems in the modern age that most shows I’ve done lately have also had a favorite YouTube video that is frequently quoted and referenced.

On the Acting Company tour in 2008-2009, we did a play called The Spy, in which it’s revealed at the end that one of the characters has actually been George Washington in disguise. Our company video was this amazing “Washington” animated song (warning: bad, but very funny, language).

This past year’s Acting Company tour of Romeo and Juliet had the R&J edition of “Sassy Gay Friend.”

On this production of The Music Man it’s the amazing clip from Family Guy where they devoted a huge portion of an episode to a recreation of “Shipoopi” that includes an extended dance break with the original choreography. We can’t quite understand what percentage of the viewership appreciated this gesture, but there are about 70 of us on this production who do! Our Marcellus also does a pretty good Peter Griffin voice. I hope he’ll use it once during tech or something.